Train and Retain – How to Keep Clients and Boost Revenue


For any insurance agency to remain viable, it must hold onto clients. That is fairly self-evident. But it is also necessary for the agency to increase its profitability.

To retain clients, an agency needs to develop a strategy or procedure to follow, and agents need to be trained to implement the strategy. Here are a few ideas on how to retain customers; ideas that can be incorporated into an overall retention strategy.  

Stay in touch.

The more you stay in touch with clients, the more likely they are to stay with your agency. When you contact a client, you need to offer something of value to them. You cannot simply repeat the same message.

For example, your contacts can be in the form of an email or a newsletter. You can stay in touch through a holiday or birthday card, a policy review or a survey.

Sell clients more than one type of insurance.

The more lines you sell to a client, the more likely they are to stay with you.

Do an annual review of clients’ coverage.

This is something most agents know they should do, but few develop a plan for following through on it. What some experienced professionals advise is to begin slowly. For example, doing only one review a week and focusing on the top clients.

Find discounts.

Agents should periodically review client policies for discounts they may be entitled to. They should take the time to investigate clients’ status and any changes to find out if they are getting all available discounts.

This will make customers feel they are getting the best price possible, and they will be less likely to look elsewhere.

Notify clients of premium hikes.

They will appreciate this more than if you allow the hike to occur without notice. You can talk to the client about why the increase is happening and anything they can do to offset the hike.

Allow clients to make electronic payments.

Customers who make payments through electronic fund transfers renew their policies much more often than clients who do not.

Everyone on staff should be aware of this fact and should encourage clients to make payments automatically.  

Offer a perk for renewals.

There are many types of benefits you could offer, such as a private phone number, a special email address, a reception to show your gratitude, or a discount card that gives them lower prices at local businesses.

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